Telescope tripod, wood, EQ3

USD $50.00

Extendable extra high wood tripod for EQ3.  Assembly required.  Parts as shown: (3) extendable tripod legs, (9) 8mm bolts with wing nuts, (6) leg to base casting spacers, (1) leg spreader, (1) accessory tray.  Base casting is not included but available.  Boom separation is 1.4 inches. (35.6mm)

The benefit of a wood tripod is damping of vibration in the mounting; wood just doesn't transmit vibration like a metal one. This tripod is extra-high and can be used with EQ3 or any other similar mount. Spacing between side booms is 1.4 inches , weight is 9 lbs., height range is 32-48 inches. Includes center-pull and accessory tray.