4.5" Newtonian Telescope, Alt-Azimuth

USD $260.00

4.5" Newtonian Telescope with Alt-Azimuth mounting.

Model 511AZ comes with the necessary features for the novice astronomer.  Only 11lb., it can be stored in it's 8x8x48" box.  The 14mm RKE eyepiece has a impressive 90 degree apparent field, a true field of 2.5 degrees at 36X.  For high power, use it with the 3X barlow on lunar/planetary at 108X.

The Alt-Azumuth mount is swing-through with teflon and delrin bearings, and smooth operation is ensured with spring washers that allow the tension to increase gradually.

Red dot finder is standard issue, but 40mm straight and rightangle achromatic finders are available options


Data sheet

Apparent Field of View
90 degree
Focal Length